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Call for Proposals, Reviewers for 2018 AACTE Annual Meeting ‘Celebrating Our Professional Identity’

Now through May 30, AACTE is accepting session proposals for the 70th Annual Meeting, to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, March 1-3, 2018. We also invite applications by May 16 for AACTE member faculty to review proposals.

The conference theme is “Celebrating Our Professional Identity: Shared Knowledge and Advocacy,” conceptualized as follows in the call for proposals:

The educator preparation community has amassed a rich foundation of knowledge about how to develop practitioners who can serve all learners. This knowledge base has been honed and bolstered over the years through critical inquiry, clinical practice, and innovation undertaken by postsecondary faculty, PK-12 partners, and other educators across the field. This ever-expanding foundation of professional understanding guides our practice, our partnerships, and our research agendas. In addition, this knowledge base should inform public policy.

The reality of our policy context is sobering. Too often, political or economic interests drive policies that are not aligned with what we know to be best for students. Too often, we have not presented our professional expertise with sufficient clarity and volume to guide policy deliberations. The resulting conditions of practice compromise student-learning gains that knowledgeable and skilled practitioners might otherwise be able to achieve.

With recent advances in disciplines such as student motivation, brain development, pedagogy, technology support, assessment, and more, we now have a stronger basis than ever to shape effective policy and practice. Working together across these disciplines, we must act on our authority to drive improvements in student learning by asserting our unique professional knowledge. To support this imperative, let us jointly articulate and reflect on this body of knowledge that constitutes the foundation for today’s best practices and for the research questions that lead to tomorrow’s discoveries.

Session proposals should address this theme with a focus on one of the four strands listed below:

Strand 1 – The Science of Learning
Strand 2 – Learning in Context
Strand 3 – Conceptualizing Meaningful Assessment
Strand 4 – Clinical Practice and Innovation

New formats for 2018! AACTE is saying good-bye to traditional lecture/Q&A session formats in favor of those that more deeply engage session attendees. With new session offerings such as “Case Stories,” “Future Casting,” and “Data to Action,” AACTE is taking advantage of valuable face-to-face learning opportunities to advance the knowledge and skillset of its attendees. Be sure to read the list of session types for 2018 to learn how AACTE is using principles of adult learning to enhance its Annual Meeting experience.

Read the full call for proposals (PDF), including suggested questions that each strand’s sessions should address. Then click here to submit a proposal, and click here to apply to review proposals.

For questions about the 2018 Annual Meeting, contact me at mwales@aacte.org or (202) 478-4597.

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Matthew Wales

Vice President, Member Services & Events