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Invitation to ‘Ed Tech in Teacher Prep’ Challenge

The U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology (OET) invites educator preparation providers (EPPs) to publicly commit to the four key principles identified in the 2016 National Educational Technology Plan for the use of educational technology in teacher preparation.

EPPs that pledge to uphold the four principles will be eligible to receive an invitation to an “Innovators’ Briefing” hosted by OET December 14 in Washington, DC, along with an afternoon workshop hosted by AACTE the day before. Space at the event is limited, so to be considered for participation, be sure to complete the online challenge form by December 1.

The OET challenge will continue beyond December 1. All EPPs are encouraged to make the commitment to support the principles.

The four principles for educational technology in educator preparation are as follow:

  • Focus on the active use of technology to enable learning and teaching through creation, production, and problem solving.
  • Build sustainable, program-wide systems of professional learning for higher education instructors to strengthen and continually refresh capacity to use technological tools to enable transformative learning and teaching.
  • Ensure preservice teacher experiences with educational technology are program-deep and program-wide rather than one-off courses separate from methods courses.
  • Align efforts with research-based standards, frameworks, and credentials recognized across the field.

For more information and to make the public commitment, visit tech.ed.gov/edtechtprep.

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