Education Deans’ Beliefs: Follow-Up Survey

Deadline extended: Please respond by December 2

The study of the education deanship and what is perceived as contributing to success in that key role is both timely and imperative. Such research can help standing deans reflect on their own characteristics and practices and perhaps adapt them to better effect. It can also assist prospective deans in understanding what capabilities figure to be necessary in increasing their leadership effectiveness should they assume these roles.

We invite your participation this month in a national survey, the “Deans’ Performance Belief Survey,” supported by AACTE. The purpose of this survey is to gauge education deans’ beliefs about the ways of thinking, being, and acting that are essential for doing their jobs.

This national survey is a follow-up to an earlier survey that was distributed and analyzed last year. Findings from the first survey were shared with practicing and prospective deans at the Deans Academy at the 2016 AACTE Annual Meeting. Those in attendance suggested that additional items should be included to tap more critical attributes for doing the job.

This follow-up survey includes both the original set of recommendations and the new set of recommendations to give us a broader understanding of the relative importance of a range of elements related to success in the deanship.

By investigating perceptions of thinking, being, and doing, we believe that we can help standing deans reflect on their own characteristics and practices, and assist prospective deans in understanding what to expect should they assume these roles. Results of this survey will be shared March 3, 2017, at the Deans Academy during the AACTE Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida.

Please access the survey here. You will be prompted to log in to AACTE’s system, if you are not already signed in, for validation purposes.

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Sharon Lovell

James Madison University (VA)

Shelley B. Wepner

Manhattanville College (NY)

William Henk

Marquette University (WI)