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Nov. 15 Webinar to Feature Clinical Preparation for Elementary Science, Math Teaching

Please join me Tuesday, November 15, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST for the third webinar in this year’s AACTE clinical practice series, “Advancing Science and Math Teaching in Diverse Elementary Classrooms: A Clinical Practice Model at San Francisco State University.”

Presenters Judith Munter, dean of the Graduate College of Education, and Stephanie Sisk-Hilton, associate professor of elementary education, will discuss the clinical preparation model at San Francisco State University (SFSU) centered around ensuring elementary education candidates and practicing elementary educators in their partner schools are highly prepared to teach science and math to an increasingly diverse population.

Key aspects of SFSU’s clinical practice program to be highlighted include—

  • Defining the problem of practice that prompted this program’s development
  • Creating a pipeline for recruiting teacher candidates through meaningful, supported clinical experiences
  • Designing and implementing scaffolded early clinical practice experiences within an inquiry environment to develop an interest and proficiency in science education
  • Co-constructing science learning experiences with mentor teachers in partner schools to support professional development and mastery in teaching elementary science and math
  • Developing pedagogical approaches that tie science and math learning in the classroom to the local community and the needs of diverse populations of learners

The presentation will also illuminate how collaboration through strong clinical partnerships has enabled the development of this uniquely focused clinical practice program, designed to address problems of practice at the local level. The critical grounding of clinical preparation within strong school-university partnerships is one of the key tenets that will be explored by AACTE’s Clinical Practice Commission in a white paper to be released in 2017.

Please register here for this free webinar.

Did you miss our prior clinical practice webinars? Recordings are available in the AACTE Resource Library:

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Amanda Lester

Director, Programs & Professional Learning, AACTE