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Major Forums Announced for 2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 AACTE Annual Meeting will feature six major forums, inviting you to explore pressing issues and cutting–edge research with colleagues from around the country. The following forums are planned for the conference in support of the theme “Acting as One: The Power of the Professional Community”:

Acting as One to Support Educator Development

AACTE is partnering with other associations working on different stages of the educator pipeline to illuminate the roles for each in supporting the preparation of highly qualified education professionals. In this forum, representatives from PK-12 and higher education organizations will consider their unique and intersecting efforts to develop the best professionals possible for the full spectrum of education settings and roles. Their perspectives will elevate participants’ awareness of the opportunities for collaboration across domains and combine to portray a national narrative on high-quality educator preparation.

Acting as Systems: A Pipeline Approach to Educator Preparation Policy

Realizing our aspirations to Act as One will require new levels of collaboration and cooperation between those responsible for PK-12 and higher education policy. System-level collaboration is essential to meeting our common goals of recruiting and retaining high-quality and diverse educators, creating robust clinical experiences, ensuring quality teacher preparation and induction, and providing pathways for career-long growth and development. Working together, policy makers from the higher education and PK-12 domains can create the necessary policy supports for a strong educator workforce pipeline. Policy leaders who are working together in their states to make a difference will share their experiences and perspectives.

The Clinical Practice Imperative: Conversations With AACTE’s Commission

The AACTE Clinical Practice Commission will present its white paper and discuss recommendations for the field related to a definition of clinical practice, a common lexicon for the work, and strategies to operationalize clinical practice in educator preparation. Be among the first to access the commission’s white paper and executive summary, culminating the past two years of the group’s work. Commissioners will also discuss their plans for the future, including locally focused activities to deploy their findings.

Community-Based Teacher Preparation as Praxis: Preparing Effective Educators Through Research-Practice Partnerships

Over the past decade, an increasing number of scholars have advocated for a greater emphasis on community-based experiences in the preparation of teachers. The nature of the most salient experiences, their impact on the beliefs and practices of teacher candidates, and the mechanisms for their meaningful integration into teacher preparation programs are still hotly debated topics and have not been sufficiently examined. In this forum, the editors of the Journal of Teacher Education bring together a group of scholars and community partners whose work has contributed to our growing understanding of the ways in which work with youth in nonschool settings can provide powerful learning experiences for teacher candidates and can contribute to effective teaching practices across educational contexts.

How Does the Work of Teaching Become the Work of Justice and Equity?

How do we advance social justice through the professional preparation and continuing education of teachers? What capabilities are required for competent beginning teaching that enable teachers to contribute to a better world through their work with young people? In this forum organized by TeachingWorks, panelists will bring their perspectives to bear on these themes by focusing on three “high-leverage practices” of teaching identified by TeachingWorks: (1) building respectful relationships with young people, (2) leading a group discussion, and (3) implementing norms and routines for classroom discourse and work.

Meeting the Needs of All Learners: Advancing Social Justice and Diversity in Teacher Preparation

AACTE sponsors a variety of initiatives engaging members around advancing social justice, supporting candidates from underrepresented populations, and diversifying the education workforce as well as the teacher pipeline. Hear from participants in four different initiatives about these and other efforts under way to identify, improve, implement, and disseminate culturally responsive practices for recruitment, retention, and induction. Get a sneak preview of the highly anticipated conceptual framework paper highlighting the work of the AACTE Black and Hispanic/Latino Male Teachers Initiative Networked Improvement Community (NIC), planned for release later in 2017.

For details about these and other offerings at the 2017 Annual Meeting, visit aacte.org.