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Shaun Harper to Speak at AACTE Welcoming Session


AACTE is pleased to announce that Shaun Harper of the University of Pennsylvania will headline the Welcoming Session at the 69th AACTE Annual Meeting, discussing social justice and equity issues in education and educator preparation. The session will kick off the conference at the Tampa Convention Center on March 2, 2017.

Harper is founder and executive director of the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania, where he also is a professor in the Higher Education Division of the Graduate School of Education. His work and research center on race and gender in education, equity trends, and racial climates on college campuses.

In Philadelphia, Harper currently leads RISE for Boys and Men of Color, a $10 million interdisciplinary effort – spanning education, health, human services and social policy, juvenile and criminal justice, and workforce development – that aims to better understand and strategically improve the lives, experiences, and outcomes of boys and men of color in the United States. He also leads the Penn Equity Institutes, providing professional development for leaders in PK-12 schools as well as higher education.

Harper is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and other academic publications. His 12 books include Student Engagement in Higher Education, College Men and Masculinities, and Advancing Black Male Student Success From Preschool Through Ph.D. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Albany State University (GA) and Ph.D. from Indiana University.

Focusing the Welcoming Session on social justice and equity issues, framed by Harper’s experience and vision, aligns with both ongoing priorities of AACTE and one of this conference’s four thematic strands, “Social Responsibility: Access and Equity.” Throughout the conference, participants will have opportunities to discuss research, share innovations, and plan action in a range of sessions with presenters from around the country. AACTE-sponsored sessions on the topic will include a preconference workshop and major forum with participants from the Holmes Program, the networked improvement community studying interventions to increase Black and Latino male enrollment in teacher preparation, and the topical action group working to diversify the teaching workforce. (Details on these and other sessions will be available next month.)

The overall Annual Meeting theme is “Acting as One: The Power of the Professional Community.” In addition to the strand on social responsibility, other thematic strands address the knowledge base for teaching and learning, community engagement on problems of practice, and continuous improvement and accountability. Read more about the theme and strands here.

Register by October 19 for the best rates for the 2017 AACTE Annual Meeting! Learn more about the conference theme, schedule, and venue at aacte.org. We also invite you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join the conversation using #AACTE17.

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