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AACTE to Offer Regional Workshops in 2017 for Quality Assurance Work


In support of AACTE’s mission to build capacity for high-quality educator preparation programs, we are excited to announce plans for new regional workshops focused on performance assessment, continuous improvement, and quality assurance.

Three of these Quality Support Workshops will be offered in 2017, tentatively scheduled for spring in the south, summer in the midwest, and fall in the northwest. Specific details will be announced this fall.

Developed as part of the new AACTE Quality Support Center, the workshops aim to provide accessible, affordable, and targeted support for assessment and accreditation teams in educator preparation. Each of these professional learning events will feature–

  • Two days of hands–on planning for program teams in the context of a professional learning community
  • Dynamic approaches to enhancing participants’ work in performance assessment, continuous improvement, and quality assurance
  • Facilitation by experts who will guide teams toward solutions based on best practices and local needs
  • Convenient locations to minimize travel costs, enabling more participants to bring a team

A planning group comprising members of AACTE’s Committee on Professional Preparation and Accountability, state education agency staff, and regional representatives of AACTE’s Advisory Council of State Representatives will guide the design and implementation of the workshops.

In addition to the regional workshops, the Quality Support Center offers web-based resources on national performance assessments such as edTPA and PPAT, downloadable materials to support the secure use of classroom video, a series of 4–week online seminars, and more. For details, visit http://aacte.org/programs-and-services/quality-support-center.

Linda McKee

Sr. Director for Performance Measurement and Assessment Policy

Mark LaCelle-Peterson

Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs, AACTE