Advocacy Pays Off With a Seat at the ‘Teach to Lead’ Table

You frequently hear AACTE champion the virtues of advocacy—of making your voice heard to help land you a place “at the table” rather than “on the menu.” AACTE staff are practiced at this habit, engaging in regular meetings with key officials at the U.S. Department of Education and elsewhere to share the work of the Association and our membership. I am pleased to share that some of these efforts have paid off with an invitation from the Department to collaborate on an upcoming teacher preparation summit.

The Department invited AACTE and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities to be partners on the summit, scheduled for November 3-4 in Washington, DC, as part of the “Teach to Lead” series focused on amplifying teachers’ voice and role in transforming education and related policy. This event will bring teams of educators together to discuss actionable ideas for collaborative, teacher-led improvements to teacher preparation. We are honored to represent you at the table on this critical issue.

Our partnership with the Department around this summit is being led by AACTE Vice President Rod Lucero, along with AACTE staff Tim Finklea and Deborah Koolbeck. We look forward to working with the Department to highlight the successful work of teacher preparation programs and support their collaboration with alumni to innovate through this opportunity.

Organizers are inviting submissions of ideas for the summit by September 15. For details, see the submissions site.

For more information on the Teach to Lead program, visit

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Sharon Robinson

President and CEO, AACTE