ACSR Issues State Policy Statements to Enhance Educator Preparation

The Advisory Council of State Representatives (ACSR) is pleased to announce a new consensus document, the State Policy Statements to Enhance Educator Preparation, developed by AACTE state chapter leaders and members to support the advocacy work of educator preparation providers (EPPs).

ACSR leaders representing more than 1,100 EPPs participated in a collaborative process to develop the document, agreeing on key statements under the following three priority areas:

  • Respect Educators as Professionals
  • Strengthen the Educator Pipeline
  • Improve Data Systems

Leadership from the 45 state chapters of AACTE engaged in establishing the policy priorities and providing direct input on the statements and policy recommendations. In March 2016, chapter leaders completed a survey to identify the most salient policy issues impacting educator preparation at the program, institution, and state levels. Once the top three priority areas were identified, chapter leaders provided talking points to more clearly define the issues. ACSR members responded to the initial draft of the state policy statements in May, and attendees of the State Leaders Institute (SLI) in June engaged in a workshop to further refine the priorities and policy “asks.” Following SLI, state chapter leaders had a final opportunity to seek input from their members, and the document was completed.

From here, we encourage state chapter associations and individual institutions to use the policy statements in whatever ways meet their local and state needs. Because the statements represent the consensus view of EPP leaders from across the country, we hope they will provide a useful support for state advocacy efforts.

Download the full text of the state policy statements here. Learn more about ACSR here.

Nadene Davidson is chair of the ACSR Executive Committee.

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Nadene Davidson

University of Northern Iowa