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Calling Former Holmes Scholars: AACTE, NAHSA Seek to Expand Alumni Network

Do you know any Holmes Scholar alumni? Or perhaps you were once a Holmes Scholar yourself? Then we want to hear from you!

In an effort to better connect with Holmes Program alumni positioned across the nation and the world, AACTE and the National Association of Holmes Scholars Alumni (NAHSA) have developed a brief survey to update our existing records. The organizations also hope to learn more about the program’s impact to inform improvements going forward.

As our expanded Holmes community continues to grow, we want to strengthen our supporting network of alumni, wherever they may currently be. Having updated records will allow us to tap these valuable resources and continue the program’s strong tradition of mentoring and networking across generations.

In addition, this strengthened network may spur new programmatic opportunities and services for the 43 member institutions that currently participate in the AACTE Holmes Program—and for others yet to join. With more formal tracking processes for our alumni, we aim to more strategically improve program quality as participation grows.

Please access the Holmes alumni survey here. For more information, contact me at odavis@aacte.org or NAHSA President Jacob Easley at easleyj@easternct.edu.

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Omar Davis

Manager of Member Engagement, AACTE


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