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August 19 Webinar to Explore Deans’ Perspectives on Clinical Practice

We are excited to announce the second webinar in the AACTE clinical practice series: “Advancing Educator Preparation Through Clinical Practice: The Dean’s Perspective,” to be held August 19, 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT.

Please join AACTE moderators Tim Finklea and Amanda Lester for a conversation with deans and directors representing five diverse universities as they explore the role clinical practice has played at their institutions through the lens of leadership. The panelists:

  • Dean John Henning, Monmouth University (NJ)
  • Associate Dean Laurie Henry, University of Kentucky
  • Dean Shirley Lefever, Wichita State University (KS)
  • Assistant Dean Christy Smith, University at Albany-SUNY
  • Dean Diane Yendol-Hoppey, University of North Florida

Each of these deans is also a member of the AACTE Clinical Practice Commission. During the webinar, they will discuss their roles as leaders in clinical practice at their institutions, how that perspective informs their work on the commission, and why they have chosen to be involved. More specifically, they will address

  • Building strong school-university-community partnerships
  • Developing effective clinical preparation strategies
  • Engaging resources to support clinical practice models
  • Fostering a culture in higher education that support and rewards clinical practice
  • Establishing a reciprocal process of simultaneous renewal to advance teaching and learning for PK-12 students and teachers, as well as teacher candidates and university faculty

This interactive webinar will also provide updates on the concrete support structures being developed by the commission, including a white paper to be published next year with templates to guide practice and the theoretical and practical foundations necessary to implement a strong clinical practice site.

Please register for this informative webinar here.

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Rodrick Lucero

Vice President for Member Engagement and Support