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New Standards Released to Guide High School Students on Path to Teaching

New standards developed by Educators Rising to “define what high school students exploring teaching need to know and be able to do to take their first steps on the path to accomplished teaching” were released last week during a launch event at the National Education Association headquarters in Washington, DC.

Educators Rising, launched in August 2015 and powered by PDK International, sought feedback from a variety of community stakeholders before releasing the final standards that aim to embolden the “grow-your-own-teacher” movement emerging in communities and states throughout the country. The standards address understanding the profession, developing strategic relationships and content for students, planning and implementing instruction to meet students’ needs, and using assessments and reflection constructively.

The release event featured two panel discussions that explored the new standards’ potential impact on the teaching profession pipeline. In the first panel, students said the standards will help aspiring educators to know what teaching is about and model the skills required to complete a preparation program. The second panel consisted of professionals in the education community, including AACTE President/CEO Sharon P. Robinson. Focusing on the importance of the standards to the profession, these panelists stressed the importance of encouraging students to enter teaching as early as possible, particularly in light of persistent teacher shortages throughout the country and the apparent declining interest in the profession. By incorporating these standards into their “grow-your-own” efforts, communities can ensure that prospective teachers are fully ready for formal preparation programs.

Educators Rising Codirector Dan Brown also shared the future plans for the organization. In October, a series of “microcredentials” will be unveiled to help students interested in a teaching career build key skills and competencies. Early in 2017, Educators Rising will preview its “EdRising Academy curriculum,” designed for 1- or 2-year implementation in high schools.

For more information, visit EducatorsRising.org.

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Abigail Mercadante

Media Relations Coordinator Intern

Zachary VanHouten

Manager of Programs and Advocacy, AACTE