AACTE to Support Members Using ETS Assessments

A new agreement between AACTE and Educational Testing Service (ETS) will bring support to AACTE member programs as they implement performance assessments with their students. Under the agreement, AACTE will develop various events, online platforms, and communications related to the assessments PPAT, NOTE, and ProEthica.

AACTE is assisting ETS with the development of a curriculum clinic for member institutions that are using the PPAT and piloting NOTE. The clinic aims to guide programs through curriculum redesign based on the reports generated through the performance assessments. AACTE is working on a curriculum matrix template to be used with participating educator preparation providers (EPPs) in a review of their data with ETS. AACTE also will coordinate the creation of case studies with volunteer EPPs to build out the clinic process, to be followed by an interactive curriculum clinic that will guide teams from the EPPs through the redesign process.

To offer continuous communication and support for users of the ETS assessments, AACTE is developing online platforms to connect interested EPPs with pertinent information, resources, and technical assistance for implementation of PPAT and NOTE. AACTE will administer public web pages for PPAT and NOTE as well as a secure online community that will allow members to share resources, post program inquiries and comments, and interact virtually with ETS staff.

AACTE is designing a communication plan to keep members apprised of related activities and progress through articles in Ed Prep Matters, e-mail and social media notices, and presentations at the Annual Meeting, state chapter meetings, and other member convenings.

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Linda McKee

Sr. Director for Performance Measurement and Assessment Policy