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Free Webinar to Discuss Expanding Principal Pipeline Framework

Please join AACTE next week for a free webinar led by participants in the Wallace Foundation’s Principal Pipeline Initiative, who will discuss lessons from their urban districts on how to sustain and expand successful models for principal preparation and development.

The online event, to be held Wednesday, January 13, at 12:00 p.m. EST, is the final webinar in a series sponsored by the Wallace Foundation to showcase the work of the initiative. Earlier installments addressed laying the foundation for change, building partnerships among districts and institutions of higher education, and revising process and practice to enhance districts’ and principals’ commitment to professional development and improvement. (To access recordings of the earlier webinars in the series, click here. Member login is required to view the archive.)

Panelists for next week’s webinar, “Principal Pipeline Initiative: Expanding the Framework,” represent districts that are not only grantees and partners in the initiative, but also participants in a new principal supervisor grant from the Wallace Foundation (which extends to multiple additional districts, with whom schools of education may partner). The following panelists will discuss next steps, sustainability, challenges, and successes in their work, which holds broader lessons for enhancing principal and teacher preparation around the country.

  • Doug Anthony, Director of School Leadership, Gwinnett County School District (GA)
  • Mikel Royal, Director of Leadership Pathways, Denver Public Schools (CO)
  • Nancy Gutierrez, Vice President, District Leadership Support, New York City Leadership Academy (NY)
  • Tricia Turner McManus (moderator), Executive Director, Leadership Development, Hillsborough County Schools (FL)

To register, visit http://aacte.org/professional-development-and-events/webinars/eventdetail/22/.

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Angela Maynard Sewall

University of Arkansas at Little Rock