Continuous Improvement: The Most Powerful Aspect of Assessment

Continuous Improvement Cycle — Ministry of the Environment, Tokyo
From OPS #2: Using Data for Improvement

One of the special features of AACTE’s Online Professional Seminars (OPSs) is their attention to assessment internationally. Looking to other countries for examples of assessment processes helps us to appreciate commonalities and, as this diagram accomplishes, reminds us of the power of graphics—even if we don’t understand the text.

As you will learn in the introductory OPS short courses, assessment systems are often depicted as a circle of connected steps. The accreditation world brought “close the loop” to our diagramming to illustrate the conclusion of an assessment cycle and launch of the next one. A spiraling curve communicates the most powerful aspect of assessment: continuous improvement.

AACTE’s Quality Support Initiative offers two free introductory courses, OPS #1: Building Quality Assessments and OPS #2: Using Data for Improvement. Like all of AACTE’s online seminars, these feature mobile-friendly content and asynchronous discussions that can be accessed anytime during their 4-week span. They have no prerequisites, can be taken out of sequence, and are open to everyone.

The next available start date for OPS #1: Building Quality Assessments is next Monday, February 1. Although there is no charge for the course, you must register to participate. Registration closes January 27, so sign up now if you’re interested in the next session!

OPS #2: Using Data for Improvement currently has a session under way, and the next available start date is April 4. You can register for it at any time up to 5 days prior to the course opening.

Visit AACTE’s Quality Support Initiative page for details and to register.

Darlene Hunter, Ph.D., is a principal at HCB Digital, which collaborates with AACTE to offer Online Professional Seminars.

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