The Walk-Through: Prelude to a Mock Visit, Prelude to a Site Visit

How do you get ready for an accreditation site visit? How do you instill confidence that you have the right agenda, people, and resources? Learn how to set the stage for success with an online short course this winter.

In AACTE’s Online Professional Seminar (OPS) #6: Leveraging Accreditation for Quality Improvement, you’ll find pragmatic advice such as strategies for not just a mock visit, or dress rehearsal, but an earlier walk-through that builds in time for repair. Walking through the day you intend to share with site visitors should uncover gaps, logistical issues, and maybe even potholes. Hopefully you will also celebrate what you recognize as your strengths. The benefit of the early walk-through is to give your team time to transform all the elements into strengths.

The walk-through is not a full simulation but follows the intended site visit agenda, in abbreviated fashion. The OPS presents ideas for working through multiple planning paths for the walk-through (see graphic).


Key elements of the Walk-Through
From OPS #6 Leveraging Accreditation for Quality Improvement

OPS #6 launches January 25, featuring content and discussions that can be accessed anytime during the 4-week span of the short course. All of AACTE’s OPS offerings can be taken out of sequence and are open to everyone. The registration fee for AACTE members is just $50 per OPS; nonmembers pay $125. For details on group discounts and other available seminars, or to register, visit the Quality Support Initiative web page.

Darlene Hunter, Ph.D., is principal at HCB Digital, which collaborates with AACTE to offer Online Professional Seminars.

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