Meet the Coteaching in Clinical Practice TAG

The author leads AACTE’s topical action group on Coteaching in Clinical Practice. The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of AACTE.

Does your institution use a coteaching model of clinical practice? Are you interested in learning more about coteaching as a model to prepare teacher candidates? You are invited to join the Coteaching in Clinical Practice Topical Action Group (TAG) of AACTE—a space for dissemination of research on coteaching, sharing of implementation experiences, and development of collaborative research efforts.

Our group began to form in fall 2013 with an information-sharing webinar sponsored by East Carolina University. Representatives from five institutions presented their programs’ experiences and research into using coteaching during clinical practice. Following the webinar, the conversation continued and led to the formation of the TAG in March 2014. Initially established as a collaborative network of researchers from 12 different institutions, it quickly grew to include several more institutions around the country.

We are currently undertaking a project with the Collaborative Clinical Preparation TAG to survey institutions around the country about the clinical aspects of their teacher preparation programs. Members of the TAG also have presented at AACTE, AERA, and other national conferences. During AACTE’s Annual Meeting, the TAG conducts both its annual business meeting and a social event to continue conversations.

For more information on using coteaching in clinical practice or joining our coteaching TAG, please visit or e-mail one of the leadership team members: Christina Tschida, Kim Winter, or Gwen Benson. For information about AACTE’s overall TAG program, visit

Christina Tschida is assistant professor in the College of Education at East Carolina University.

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Christina Tschida

Assistant professor in the College of Education at East Carolina University.