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If You Don’t Say It, Who Will? Tell Your Story, With Help From AACTE

To help you tell your story, AACTE is hosting a three-part webinar series this fall titled “If You Don’t Say It, Who Will?” which offers strategies for how to engage your internal networks and PK-12 partners as well as how to be sure the media and other audiences hear your messages. Won’t you join us in our ongoing campaign to debunk myths about educator preparation and teacher quality?

The first webinar in the series ran November 16, as dozens of you tuned in for “If You Don’t Say It, Who Will? Engaging Internal Networks to Tell Your Story” led by AACTE Director of Marketing and Communications Jerrica Thurman. This event taught participants how to create engagement and communication within their institutions to build a stronger channel for promoting the meaningful work happening in their educator preparation programs. Thurman also shared strategies for recruiting students, faculty, communication officers, and others to spread the word about the impact their program is making. In addition to discussing how to develop dynamic key messages and to identify news worthy to share, Thurman walked participants through the steps to develop a successful communications strategy:

  1. Assess the present situation
  2. Talk to key stakeholders
  3. Envision your future
  4. Develop actionable objectives
  5. Create strategies and tactics
  6. Define metrics, timelines, and responsibilities
  7. Develop strategic and tactical plans
  8. Implementation and beyond

An archived recording of this first webinar and a PDF file of the presentation slides are available online.

The second webinar in this series, “If You Don’t Say It, Who Will? Building PK-12 Partnerships to Tell Your Story,” runs today, December 1, presented by veteran communication strategist and education reporter Robert Johnston. Now vice president at the Hatcher Group, Johnston manages several PK-12 and higher education projects. He works with nonprofit education partners to build strategic communication plans, lead media outreach, and implement all facets of communications to raise the profile of their efforts to support student performance in underachieving schools and communities, and inform national and state policy.

Are your PK-12 partners serving as public champions for your institution? Explore ways to use clear and sustained communication with district partners to establish your program’s commitment to collaborating on solutions to local needs. Discover how to extend PK-12 partnerships for clinical practice to also seek out opportunities for supporting one another publicly.

Click here to participate in today’s webinar.

Last in the series will be “If You Don’t Say It, Who Will? Targeting the Media to Tell Your Story,” which will be presented December 14 by both Thurman and Johnston. Identify how to build relationships with reporters and editors to win media coverage of your educator preparation program. Find out how to personalize your media pitch for stronger appeal and utilize various platforms to broadly disseminate your messages.

Click here to register for the December 14 webinar.

A recording of each webinar and any presentation materials will also be made available online following each event.

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Guneev Sharma

AACTE Media Relations Intern