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Ready to Enhance Your Presence on Twitter? Join Our Webinar Nov. 5

Many education policy makers and advocacy groups are busy using Twitter to disseminate various narratives about education and teacher preparation. Is your voice part of the conversation? Learn how to make the most of this platform in a free AACTE-sponsored webinar next week on how teacher educators can use Twitter more effectively, particularly in advocating for their programs and for the profession. We will present the webinar, Educator Preparation Programs Taking Twitter to the Next Level, for AACTE members only on Thursday, November 5, at 1:00 p.m. EST.

The rapid ascension of social media in recent years has left some educators searching to understand the implications of this technological revolution for their work. Social media can reduce temporal, geographical, and hierarchical barriers that often characterize communication in more formal settings. However, the pace of media change has also challenged the capacity of individuals and organizations to adapt to and leverage the benefits of these technologies.

Perhaps for this reason, many educator preparation programs make little or no use of Twitter, although it can be an efficient and effective platform for providing information related to teaching and teacher education. In our webinar, we will discuss how you can establish or enhance your presence on Twitter to lend your professional perspective to the narrative about the work that we do.

Furthermore, as we discussed in our webinar last month, Twitter has grown increasingly popular among PK-12 educators, who use it for a variety of purposes including networking, sharing resources, and communication with students and families. Because of this widespread use by practicing educators, Twitter can provide teacher educators and teacher candidates with free, convenient access to professional resources, both in terms of content (e.g., articles, education news, lesson plans) and people (e.g., other educators, scholars) not otherwise readily available to them.

Join us November 5 to learn more about and discuss how Twitter can be used by your teacher preparation program. Twitter use will be modeled during the webinar, so if you don’t already have an account, we encourage you to sign up for one beforehand (it’s free!).

Sign up for Twitter here, and register for the free webinar here.


Jeff Carpenter

Assistant Professor of Education and Director of the Teaching Fellows Program, Elon University

Scott Morrison

Assistant Professor of Education, Elon University