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Major Forums Announced for AACTE 2016; Early Bird Registration Closes Oct. 14

Only 1 day is left to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration rate for AACTE’s 68th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada! This special offer expires October 14 at midnight EDT.

At the Annual Meeting, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge research and initiatives for “meeting the demands of professional practice” in educator preparation. Experience some of the most popular offerings of the conference in our six major forums for 2016.

Clinical Practice in Educator Preparation
The AACTE Clinical Practice Commission will report its findings and recommendations regarding effective models and a common lexicon for practice. In addition, panelists from selected universities and their collaborating schools will discuss their robust partnerships centered on student learning. Presenters will address questions related to capacity, governance, creation and maintenance, and outcomes of clinical practice partnerships.

(How) Can the Profession Specify Standards of Practice for Entry to Teaching?
TeachingWorks invites you to join a conversation around the threshold for entry of novices to the profession. What must beginning teachers know and be able to do? What can initial preparation programs reasonably strive to accomplish that can contribute to the quality of entry-level teaching? What features should be common to all programs, and what should vary (and why)? Will variation improve equity, or could it exacerbate inequality?

The Problem Spaces We Inhabit: How We Make Tough Choices
Get a global view of the many influences on work in the educational system in this forum with the National Teacher of the Year and mind/brain education scholars. Consider how to effectively manage the problem spaces we inhabit by recognizing the forces that shape our behavior and thinking. Explore perspectives on what education should look like, what counts as learning and knowing, and what role teachers play in these spaces.

A Regional Lens to Addressing Teacher Shortage and Distribution by Subject and Location
Go behind the scenes on school staffing challenges in this panel discussion sponsored by AACTE’s Advisory Council of State Representatives. Discuss the contributing factors to teacher shortages and inequitable distribution of educators in various communities around the nation. Panelists from the western region will share their observations and insights on these issues from their professional experiences.

Equity, Access, and the Digital Divide: Challenges for Teacher Education
For some years, the mantra of a diverse group of stakeholders—including educational leaders, technology- and media-focused businesses, policy makers, think tanks, and community-based organizations—has been that access to high-quality technological tools is key to addressing the achievement gap observed in the United States and worldwide. But increasingly, questions have arisen regarding what technologically based tools really do make a difference, what context is critical for successful introduction and integration of such tools, what scale of implementation might be possible, and how to best prepare and support teachers to develop the skills necessary to make use of such tools in powerfully educative ways. This Journal of Teacher Education-sponsored forum brings together representatives of stakeholder institutions and organizations to raise issues about how AACTE members should work together to effectively respond to the challenges teachers face in using technology to meet the needs of all students despite the inequities posed by the digital divide.

Innovative Strategies to Recruit and Retain a Diverse Teaching Workforce
Over the past year, AACTE and its members have been working to build new pathways and communities dedicated to increasing the recruitment and retention of educators from historically underrepresented groups into the teaching profession. In this forum, participants in AACTE’s Changing the Demographic Makeup of the Teacher Workforce Networked Improvement Community and the AACTE Holmes Program will present an update of their progress and developments since the last AACTE Annual Meeting.

More details about the major forums, including speakers and scheduling information, will be available soon. Get the latest conference information at http://aacte.org/professional-development-and-events/annual-meeting and be sure to register by October 14 for the best savings!

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Jerrica Thurman

Director of Marketing & Communications, AACTE