Learn to Use Data for Improvement in a Free Online Seminar

Data are ubiquitous in this day and age, and making sense of all the numbers and trends can be overwhelming. Yet using data wisely is critical to be able to learn from experience and determine strategic directions for improving what we do. So where do we start—how do we identify what information we need and appropriate sources to use? How do we recognize patterns in the data and their lessons for our work? And how do we put it all together to improve our programs and demonstrate our accountability?

As part of AACTE’s Quality Support Initiative, a free, introductory Online Professional Seminar (OPS) aims to help educators answer these questions. OPS #2: Using Data for Improvement focuses on how to interpret data, determine their implications, and establish action steps based on the evidence. In addition, OPS participants discuss strategies for engaging stakeholders in the processes of data gathering, analysis, and planning for improvement. The format of the seminar and its cohort-based learning style allows both interaction with experts and peer-to-peer idea sharing and inspiration.

The next session of this 4-week introduction to data use starts November 16 and is free for members and nonmembers alike. Register here and be a part of the conversation!

Have you already completed OPS #2? We invite you to try our in-depth seminars next! Visit our registration page for details on courses and start dates.

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Hannah Maes

AACTE Marketing Coordinator Intern