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Fall CAEP Conference Draws Over 1,300; Next Year’s Sessions Proposals Due Oct. 4

The 2015 Fall CAEP Conference in partnership with AACTE was held September 17-19 in Washington, DC, drawing a crowd of more than 1,300 education professionals to talk process, progress, and partnerships in quality educator preparation and accreditation. And it’s already time to submit session proposals for both of next year’s CAEPCons—they are due this Sunday, October 4, by midnight EDT.

To get to the urgent first: Next year’s CAEPCons will be held March 23-25 in San Diego, CA, and September 29-October 1 in Washington, DC. Both conferences invite proposals for hour-long sessions on one of the following topics (learn more here):

  • Preparation of candidates to develop discipline-specific practices and facilitate P-12 students’ achievement of college- and career-ready standards
  • Mutually beneficial clinical conditions that facilitate shared expectations for, development of, and evaluation of candidate /clinical educator/clinical experience effectiveness 
  • Recruiting increasingly diverse and able candidates; connecting candidate selection and progression factors to effectiveness in the field; monitoring candidate progression
  • Strategies for tracking and assessing effectiveness of completers in-service
  • Data quality, data literacy, and data use in program improvement
  • Developing assessments for advanced programs
  • Scholarly use of accreditation data and educator preparation research to inform the field

Now, back to this month’s conference. It opened on a Thursday afternoon with words of inspiration from AACTE President/CEO Sharon P. Robinson and CAEP Interim President Christopher Koch. Both underlined the commonality in the goals of everyone present: All want to be champions in learning and in leadership for their candidates, their program, and their campus. In order to nourish and inspire future smart teachers, we first have to build a culture of trust, Robinson said. Such a culture would smooth the bumps along the road to enable a future of lifelong learning, leaving teachers feeling free and safe to seek out further development. Following their welcome, policy advisers provided a detailed update on the federal policy and spending landscape relevant to educators.

Friday brought a full day of hour-long breakout seminars, allowing participants to select content more specialized to their program needs. AACTE was among the presenters at two of these breakout sessions that introduced educators to the Online Professional Seminars offered as part of AACTE’s Quality Support Initiative. Saturday morning featured the closing keynote by Anthony Bryk, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and two final 1-hour breakout session slots.

To view the full schedule from the 2015 Fall CAEPCon, see this online agenda—now updated with hyperlinks to many of the conference materials.

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