Interact With Holmes Scholars on Social Media

The AACTE Holmes Scholars® Program thrives because of the strong connections and networks built within its framework and through the amazing efforts of the membership. To make sure the strength of that assembly is continually being nourished, we are implementing a social media/communications plan that aims to improve engagement and participation among Holmes Scholars and the profession more broadly.

I encourage all Holmes Scholars and other interested students/faculty to join our social media interactions! Our Facebook and Twitter presence aims to meet the following objectives:

AACTE’s Holmes Scholars Facebook Page

  • ​Disseminate information about the work of Holmes Scholars
  • Announce upcoming conferences and events
  • Report highlights from past conferences and events
  • Posts permitted by the Holmes Scholars Council president, historian, and AACTE representative

Official Holmes Scholars Facebook Group

  • ​A collaboration space for scholars to find fellowship, exchange ideas, and share successes
  • Both past and present scholars may join
  • Posts permitted by any Holmes Scholar who joins the group

Holmes Scholars Twitter

  • ​Disseminate information about the work of Holmes Scholars
  • Announce and report highlights on Holmes Scholars conferences and events
  • Host conversations among scholars about current events
  • Share education-related posts from reputable organizations

We also have a monthly newsletter, the Scholars Report, that will soon be accessible to all AACTE members (currently scholars receive it via e-mail). You will be able to subscribe to Scholars Report through AACTE’s online Profile Manager, so you’ll be able to get it in your inbox as well. Meanwhile, I look forward to “seeing” you on Facebook and Twitter!

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Whitney Watkins

Holmes Scholars Council President, 2015-2017