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Free Webinar to Explore School Context’s Influence on Teacher Effectiveness

From their recent research on the relationship between teacher productivity and job experience, John Papay and Matthew Kraft of Brown University (RI) will share new evidence on teachers’ long-term career improvement in a free webinar for AACTE members. “Toward a Broader Conceptualization of Teacher Quality: How Schools Influence Teacher Effectiveness” will be held Wednesday, August 19, at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Policy makers tend to think of “teacher quality” as a fixed and portable characteristic of an individual teacher – in other words, it doesn’t change over time or across school settings. In this webinar, Papay and Kraft will make the case for a broader conceptualization of “teacher effectiveness” that depends, in large part, on the school context in which a teacher works.

Specifically, they will present new evidence about how teachers’ effectiveness changes over the course of their career. Their research shows that teachers not only experience rapid productivity improvement early in their first years in the classroom, but also continue to demonstrate growth later in their careers. The presenters will also discuss their research on how the school work environment influences teacher effectiveness and teacher improvement.

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About the Presenters

John Papay is assistant professor of education and economics at Brown University. His research focuses on teacher policy, the economics of education, and teacher labor markets. He has published on teacher value-added models, teacher evaluation, high-stakes testing, teacher compensation, and program evaluation methodology. He has served as a research affiliate with the Project on the Next Generation of Teachers and a doctoral fellow at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard. A former high school history teacher, he earned his doctorate in quantitative policy analysis from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Matthew Kraft is assistant professor of education at Brown University. His research and teaching interests include the economics of education, education policy analysis, and applied quantitative methods for causal inference. He studies human capital policies in education with a focus on teacher effectiveness and organizational change in PK-12 urban public schools. He has published on topics such as teacher coaching, teacher layoffs, teacher-parent communication, teacher professional growth, school working conditions, and extended learning time.

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