Grant to Support Common Core Webinars

AACTE will host two webinars this fall on integrating the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in educator preparation programs, thanks to a grant from the Learning First Alliance’s Get It Right campaign. These 60-minute webinars will highlight AACTE members’ successes and challenges in aligning their programs with CCSS.

Following the recommendations of the National Association of State Boards of Education report Common Themes, Individual Approaches: Six States’ Experiences With New Science Standards, these webinars will focus on four key areas of CCSS implementation: communication strategy, community involvement, policy advancement and alignment, and professional development and capacity building.

Presenters will discuss strategies that proved helpful in communicating about their reform efforts. They also will offer lessons for educating and engaging various stakeholders around CCSS and describe the importance of community involvement and support. Participants will consider tactics for working with state officials, informing legislators of relevant research, and conducting discussions around state standards with higher education and PK-12 colleagues. Implications for clinical practice will be discussed as well as opportunities for collaborative research and best practices to improve preparation programs and PK-12 achievement.

The first webinar will highlight the success of the Kentucky Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in facilitating its members’ work to align their educator preparation programs with CCSS after Kentucky became the first state to adopt the standards. The second webinar will focus on preparing teacher candidates specifically for CCSS in secondary mathematics, offering a sequel to a major forum panel discussion held at AACTE’s 66th Annual Meeting. A video recording of the forum is available here.

AACTE is grateful to the Learning First Alliance for this grant to highlight members’ work around CCSS alignment. Stay tuned for details about the webinars’ dates and presenters.

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Kayla Campbell

AACTE Media Coordinator Intern