AACTE Awards Grants to 8 State Chapters

Eight state affiliates of AACTE will share $60,000 in funding from the 2015 State Chapter Support Grant competition. The awards were announced June 9 during a reception in Washington, DC, where members of AACTE’s Advisory Council of State Representatives (ACSR) had convened for the annual State Leaders Institute.

We are pleased to offer the grants for a 5th year, allowing AACTE to strengthen its relationship with the state chapters and support their initiatives, including chapter development. The following winners were selected by a proposal review committee consisting of two ACSR executive committee members, one member from the AACTE membership committee, and two AACTE staff members:

  • The California Council on Teacher Education won funds to support the growth and development of the next generation of teacher education faculty in California, with an emphasis on faculty from diverse backgrounds.
  • The Georgia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education received a grant to support Project SPARK: Igniting Education in Georgia, a 2-year media campaign aimed at changing the perception of education in Georgia, and Project SWIM: State-Wide Induction Model, providing online resources to support new teachers during induction.
  • The Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education will apply its grant toward convening a statewide advocacy consortium of education-related organizations. The consortium’s goals are to create a marketing campaign to reshape the narrative of the teaching profession and to design a Day at the Indiana Statehouse to highlight the quality of teacher candidates, programs, and program graduates.
  • The Kentucky Association of Colleges for Teacher Education won a grant to help its Kentucky Information Technology for Educator Preparation committee develop clinical measures such as employer surveys and annual reporting initiatives in collaboration with state agencies.
  • The North Dakota Association of Colleges for Teacher Education will use its AACTE grant for the implementation of a statewide preservice teacher and first-year performance assessment system. This work will include partnering with the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board to implement common assessments for all teacher preparation programs. The grant also will support the state affiliate in developing its board and policies and in convening a strategic planning meeting to improve the capacity of the chapter.
  • The New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education received funds to support its Debunking the Myths of Teacher Education and Teacher Quality project and to improve the collaboration among the state affiliate, PK-12 partners, state agencies, and other education organizations.
  • The New Mexico Association of Colleges for Teacher Education won a grant to help strengthen its members’ understanding of policy development and advocacy at the state and federal levels. The funds will also support collaboration with the New Mexico Public Education Department to develop a program evaluation strategy that utilizes multiple measures. The chapter also plans to sponsor state legislation that establishes standards for admission to teacher preparation programs.
  • The Ohio Association of Colleges for Teacher Education received funds to support member institutions as they refine, test, and disseminate a student teaching evaluation instrument, specifically by ensuring the validity and reliability of the instrument. The grant will also support expanding the instrument to all interested programs in Ohio.

Each grant recipient will be blogging about their activities, so stay tuned to Ed Prep Matters for updates.


Sungti Hsu

Director of State Affiliate and Partnership Support