Update: AACTE Board Resolution

AACTE has long supported the role of accreditation in the field and continues to uphold the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) as the profession’s single accreditor. This commitment was reaffirmed by the AACTE Board of Directors at its meeting February 26, 2015. Along with offering this affirmation of support, the resolution passed by the Board also sought to open a conversation with CAEP around persistent concerns raised by the field with respect to CAEP’s standards, process, capacity, and representativeness in its governance structure.

The intent of the resolution is to invite the CAEP Board of Directors into a conversation about what is working well, how to address the concerns raised, and how best to move forward. A subcommittee of our Board has been formed to engage in this conversation with the CAEP leadership. AACTE Board Chair Mark Ginsberg will help facilitate the work of this subcommittee, which includes the following members of AACTE’s Board:

  • Renée A. Middleton (Chair), Ohio University
  • Jane Bray, Old Dominion University (VA)
  • David Cherry, Whitworth University (WA)
  • John Jacobson, Ball State University (IN)
  • Carol Vukelich, University of Delaware

The subcommittee has established a plan for its work and will soon hold its first convening. The plan is based on the following principles:

  • Focus on a commitment to accreditation, with CAEP as the single accrediting body.
  • Advocate for accreditation processes as the cornerstone of quality within the profession.
  • Advocate for standards as guides for the field that are enacted locally and measured contextually.

It’s important to note that we view this work as imperative to a unified profession. The dynamic tension inherent in these conversations will be a space for building capacity from within the profession as we measure ourselves against the highest of standards. The AACTE Board and subcommittee members believe that in this space, member concerns can be addressed. We are confident that together, AACTE and our partners at CAEP can continue to build an accrediting body that is supportive of the field and is committed to both quality assurance and continuous improvement. Accreditation that models effective pedagogical practice around active reflection, rather than compliance, will be the foundation for our conversations.

The Board subcommittee is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with CAEP around the questions proposed by our members. Clarifying CAEP’s goals and objectives and continuing to co-create the next iteration of accreditation is daunting, important, and a moral imperative.

We invite you to check back with Ed Prep Matters for ongoing updates on the progress of this important work.

Mark Ginsberg, dean of the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University, is 2015-2016 chair of the AACTE Board of Directors.

Renée A. Middleton, dean of the Patton College of Education at Ohio University, is 2015-2016 secretary of the AACTE Board of Directors.

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Mark Ginsberg

George Mason University

Renée A. Middleton

Ohio University