Major Forum Recordings Now Available

The AACTE Learning Center now includes recordings of all six major forums from the 67th AACTE Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Anyone who was registered for the conference may log in to the Learning Center to view the videos and slides from the forums:

  • Holding Ourselves Accountable—To Whom and For What?
    This forum organized by TeachingWorks followed up on Deborah Ball’s keynote address from the 2014 Annual Meeting, examining the accountability roles among diverse groups of stakeholders in teacher preparation.
  • State Chapters Leading on the Issues: The Georgia Example
    Collaboration among members of the Georgia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and other key state education groups has resulted in remarkable advocacy successes and a shared investment in the state’s reform efforts.
  • The Future of Learning
    Marc Schwartz of the University of Texas-Arlington fascinated the audience with his discussion of emerging research on learning and student motivation—and implications for teacher preparation.
  • What the Data Tell Us: Gallup Polls and Gallup Data
    Brandon Busteed of the Gallup organization led a discussion of polling data regarding public and teacher views on education.
  • Preservice Assessment Training: Still Essential, Still Missing
    The Northwest Evaluation Association assembled an intriguing panel on assessment literacy and how to model sound assessment practices in teacher preparation with input from clinical faculty.
  • Using Design-Based Research for Improvement in Teacher Education
    The Journal of Teacher Education editors organized this forum on improvement science and design-based implementation research with leaders from the field and from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Also in the AACTE Learning Center, video of the general sessions is available for public viewing, and the AACTE Town Hall Meeting files are accessible by any AACTE member.

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