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Cutting-Edge Major Forums Announced for 2015 Annual Meeting

The six major forums at AACTE’s 67th Annual Meeting will be stand-alone offerings. In each of three dedicated time slots spanning February 27-March 1, 2015, participants will choose between two cutting-edge topics to explore with leaders in the field.

The following major forums will be offered in Atlanta:

Friday, February 27 • 2:15-3:45 p.m.

Using Design-Based Research for Improvement in Teacher EducationThis major forum, organized by the editors of the Journal of Teacher Education, focuses on two innovative models of design-based research that hold promise for teacher preparation: Design-Based Implementation Research (DBIR) and Improvement Science.

Presenters: Stephanie Knight, Penn State University (moderator); Paul LeMahieu, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; Louis Gomez, University of California Los Angeles; William Penuel, University of Colorado at Boulder; and Hilda Borko, Stanford University

What the Data Tell Us: Gallup Polls and Gallup Data

What is the view of the teaching profession across the country? How can teacher educators and preparation programs use this information to inform and to recruit teacher candidates? Hear what Gallup Education data and polls tell us about the teaching profession, and discuss with other attendees how to best use this information for teacher candidate recruitment and for overall outreach.

Presenters: TBA

Saturday, February 28 • 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Holding Ourselves Accountable—To Whom and For What?

Teacher preparation programs serve a variety of constituencies, including their own students, the children taught by those students, the PK-12 schools and school communities in which their graduates work, and the larger educator preparation community. Are we equally accountable to all of these? Examine accountability roles among diverse groups of stakeholders in teacher preparation.

Presenters: Deborah Loewenberg Ball, University of Michigan; Paul Goren, Evanston/Skokie Illinois School District; Jennifer Green, Urban Teacher Center; Pam Grossman, University of Pennsylvania; Etta Hollins, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Lillian Lowery, Maryland State Department of Education

Preservice Assessment Training: Still Essential, Still Missing

Teachers typically spend a quarter to a third of their professional time engaged in assessment-related activities, yet most have not had the opportunity to develop the skills to do so effectively. Discover why assessment literacy for all teachers is important, the barriers to effective early-career assessment training, and strategies and resources for implementing productive assessment education.

Presenters: Kelly Goodrich, NWEA; Amelia Gotwals, Michigan State University; Susan Nolan Bobbit, University of Washington; Rick Stiggins, Consultant

Sunday, March 1 • 12:45-2:15 p.m.

State Chapters Leading on the Issues: The Georgia Example

AACTE state chapters are a key component in advocacy for teacher preparation programs and the field’s professionals in institutions across the state. Get inspired by the policy successes and other collaborative feats of the Georgia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and discuss and develop ideas for your own state chapters.

Presenter:  Cindi Chance, Georgia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

The Future of Learning

As expectations for learners and teaching continue to increase, our very understanding of the nature of learning and motivation are changing. Discover how emerging research on learning can help educator preparation programs better equip future teachers to address learners’ needs and capacities.

Presenters: Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania; Carol Dweck, Stanford University; Marc Schwartz, University of Texas-Arlington

Attend these powerful sessions to learn best practices for managing today’s challenges in educator preparation research, policy, and practice. For more information about the major forums, log in to AACTE’s Online Event Planner. To learn more about the 2015 Annual Meeting, visit aacte.org and follow us on Twitter at #AACTE15.

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Jerrica Thurman

Director of Marketing & Communications, AACTE