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Angela Duckworth to Speak at CAEP Conference

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The University of Pennsylvania’s Angela Duckworth, whose top-rated Ted Talk  on “grit” has received more than 4.6 million views, will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 Fall CAEP Conference (CAEPCon) Tuesday, September 30. The conference is being held in partnership with AACTE.

Duckworth’s research on non-IQ competencies that predict achievement influenced the development of CAEP Standard 3: Recruitment and Selectivity. The topic of Duckworth’s keynote will be “True Grit.”

Duckworth raises questions such as Who succeeds in life? Is it simply those among us who are gifted and talented in our pursuits? Or is aptitude merely “potential” if effort and interest are not sustained over time? At CAEPCon, Duckworth will review her research on grit—the tendency to pursue challenging goals over years with perseverance and passion—as it relates to educator preparation. She will describe the predictive power of grit for performance in the National Spelling Bee, graduation from West Point, graduation from the Chicago Public Schools, and a variety of other contexts. She will also describe current work on the underlying motivational, cognitive, and behavioral mechanisms explaining what makes gritty individuals different from others. The keynote will conclude with her current thinking on how we can cultivate grit in ourselves and in others.

The theme of the 2014 Fall CAEPCon is “Excellence in Educator Preparation: Building Our Profession on Evidence,” where sessions will focus on the CAEP standards, accreditation, capacity-building projects, and quality of evidence. Take a look at our agenda-at-a-glance for details.

Join the other supporters of improving teacher quality who are gathering to share innovative ideas about accreditation’s role in ensuring teacher candidate readiness:

Conference: September 30–October 1, 2014
Workshops: September 29, 2014
Washington Hilton
Washington, DC

Registration is open—secure your spot today!

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Tiffany S. Erickson

Director of Communications and Public Relations, CAEP