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AACTE ‘Research-to-Practice Spotlight’ Looks at Impact of Clinical Practice

Clinically based educator preparation is the focus of the first installment of AACTE’s new Research-to-Practice Spotlight Series, now available on the Innovation Exchange web site.

This series, part of AACTE’s Innovation Exchange, connects research on educator preparation with practice in the field. Each installment in the series contains videos of interviews with researchers, teacher educators, and practitioners on relevant topics in educator preparation, as well as a set of accompanying resources such as research articles and studies and examples of related innovative practices in the field.

The first episode of this installment focuses on the impact of clinical preparation and the research base that informs the development of strong, clinically based preparation programs. The episode opens with Kenneth Zeichner from the University of Washington talking about the historical context and providing an analysis of past and present research on clinical experience in teacher preparation. Other segments within the episode feature interviews with faculty and graduates of educator preparation programs at Montclair State University (NJ) and Winthrop University (SC).

We are currently developing upcoming episodes that will focus on developing cooperating educators, diversity in clinical experiences, and the use of technology in clinical experiences. Stay tuned for more information on these through http://theinnovationexchange.net and Ed Prep Matters. We also welcome your suggestions for future series themes and content. Please share your ideas and comments with me at sbarnes@aacte.org.

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Saroja Barnes

Senior Director for Professional Issues, AACTE