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Webinar Series to Offer Resources, Tools on Common Core

AACTE has partnered with Achieve Inc. to provide a series of webinars on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) this spring for teacher preparation programs.

In the summer and fall of 2013, AACTE surveyed its members about the activities programs have undertaken relative to CCSS and what resources AACTE might provide to support members’ understanding and capacity to address the standards. A majority of respondents cited access to CCSS-aligned lesson plans and rubrics as the number-one resource they needed.

Starting next week, AACTE and Achieve will offer a month-long webinar series on the standards highlighting the key shifts of CCSS and showcasing the Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products (EQuIP) rubrics and student work protocols. Both tools were developed by practicing educators and key leaders in the field to assess the quality of lesson plans, instructional materials, and student work and to determine their alignment to CCSS.

Districts across the country are using these tools, which also can be a resource for faculty teaching candidates to develop lesson plans and to create or vet materials that are aligned with CCSS. A feedback cycle is also incorporated into the evaluation process, which can be a great resource for cohorts of candidates developing skills to collaborate and co-develop instructional materials.

The following webinars will be offered:  

For more information on CCSS and AACTE’s resources for members, click on the following links:

We’re still interested in learning what your program is doing around CCSS and what resources you need. Click here to complete AACTE’s survey.

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Elizabeth Ross

Manager for State Chapters, AACTE