Q&A With AACTE Board Member Grant Hayes

With AACTE’s annual Call for Nominations under way, I asked a current Board of Directors member to share why he serves on the Board and what skills have proved particularly valuable. Grant Hayes, executive associate dean and professor in the College of Education and Human Performance, University of Central Florida, graciously accepted my request. The Call for Nominations is open at submit.aacte.org from now until May 9, 2014. If you have any questions, please contact me at lberrier@aacte.org.

What caused you to want to serve on AACTE’s Board of Directors?

Serving on the Board provides me the chance to make a difference and to give back to the profession by assisting to achieve AACTE’s goals and mission. It also affords me the opportunity to be part of a leadership team of one of the most dynamic professional associations in education.

How do you find the experience rewarding, both in terms of the organization and personally?

I have dedicated a large part of my life to promoting and advocating for education. It is very rewarding to work with other Board members who share the same passion in this mission. As Board members, we focus on the structures, priorities, and actions needed to bring about the goals of AACTE, all of which enhance the Association’s impact, visibility, and reputation.

I think shared governance is a major factor in ensuring the successful operations of AACTE. The Board functions in a collaborative manner, seeking input from relevant stakeholders on jointly identified priorities. It is rewarding for me to work with individuals, including the AACTE staff, who consistently display high enthusiasm, energy, and professionalism.

Are there certain previous experiences, either with AACTE or in your career, that you have found particularly helpful to working on the Board?

Throughout my career, I have strived to build strong collaborative relationships between higher educational institutions, PK-12 schools, and stakeholders. My professional experiences, serving in various administrative roles in the academy, have enhanced my understanding of issues and trends in colleges of education, such as development of research, partnerships, and outreach opportunities, which are consistent with the mission of AACTE. I also believe these experiences have enhanced my ability and knowledge to be an effective member on the Board.

Is there particular Board work that you are especially proud of?

I am very proud of the advocacy work by the Board and by the AACTE staff on behalf of the profession. AACTE has a shared vision and provides direction for its members in establishing a basis for strategic decision-making, collegiality, and effective communication among its members. When discussing education issues facing candidates and member institutions, AACTE clearly articulates a need for all appropriate stakeholders to be part of the conversation and ensures that all are fully informed about the issues.

Any other related thoughts/information for potential Board nominees?

The Board and the AACTE staff are very responsible with details and routines and use follow-through skills in carrying out organizational goals and transparent plans of actions. The actions of the Board will, indeed, shape the Association for many years. Potential Board nominees should know that openness and transparency are very important when it comes to making decisions impacting member institutions.


Lucy Berrier

Board Liaison and Special Projects Coordinator, AACTE