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AACTE Seeks Applications for Initiative to Bring More Men of Color to Teaching

AACTE invites member institutions to apply to join a new initiative, Changing the Demographic Makeup of the Teaching Workforce, which will help 10 institutions increase the number of Black and Hispanic men receiving initial teaching certification through their programs.

The initiative will be AACTE’s first “networked improvement community” (NIC). NICs use the principles of improvement science to analyze a problem and design innovations. They leverage the community of participants to test and refine those interventions in a variety of contexts and to distribute those interventions broadly. AACTE’s NIC will focus on areas for intervention such as recruitment strategies, equity-based admissions policies, incentives to pursue a career in teaching, and others identified by NIC members.

Is your institution located in or serving a diverse community—for example, one with a larger percentage of Black and Hispanic males than are enrolled in your program? Would you be willing to engage in improvement science methodology and to commit to conducting research on pilot approaches developed by the NIC? If so, your institution may be an ideal participant in AACTE’s initiative.

The application deadline has been extended to February 3.Click here to apply for your program to be considered for this exciting opportunity!

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Aimee Hall

Marketing Manager, AACTE


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