TAG—You’re It!

A great new AACTE program has hit the ground running, as many of your colleagues are already putting it to good use by creating “topical action groups” (TAGs).

The TAG program, which replaces the Association’s former “special study groups,” allows members to initiate or join action-oriented forums around a professional topic of importance, with funding and other support from AACTE.

Here are two examples of newly established TAGs and how they are using AACTE funding and support to further a topic of professional interest:

  • Preparing Educators of English Learners is a collaborative, interdisciplinary TAG that advocates for and supports the preparation of teachers to address the language and literacy needs of English learners. Members will use AACTE’s funds to collect survey data and create a blog listing resources for use in the preparation of teaching curricula.
  • The Internationalization of Teacher Education TAG supports the integration of international, intercultural, and global experiences and perspectives into the curriculum of teacher education to ensure that all teachers are properly trained to prepare their students to thrive in a globally connected, diverse world. Members will use AACTE’s resources to create an information-sharing forum, develop an inventory of innovative approaches and promising practices, and facilitate and present research to the larger community.

AACTE provides up to $2,000 annually per TAG to support activities and initiatives as well as online community space for each TAG to share documents, poll members, and participate in online discussions. In addition, AACTE publicizes the activities of established TAGs to showcase the work they are doing and to promote the opportunity for others to join and to establish new  groups.

To learn more about this new program, click here to visit the web site, or contact me, the TAG staff administrator.

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Kim Murray

TAG Administrator, AACTE