NCTQ Collecting Data for 2014 Review

In the last couple of weeks, many AACTE members have been contacted by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) inviting them to submit new materials by December 15 for the council’s 2014 review of education schools.

Of note in NCTQ’s communication with members is that the 2014 review will be a ranking, rather than a rating, of programs, and that programs that don’t set a minimum GPA entry requirement can meet the selectivity standard by showing that the average GPA of admitted candidates is a 3.3 or higher.

AACTE will continue to support members’ decision-making regarding their engagement with NCTQ and to represent members’ concerns about the organization and the work it produces. Members can find materials, including AACTE’s statement on the release of NCTQ’s 2013 review, in the NCTQ-U.S. News resource section of AACTE’s web site.

As NCTQ moves forward with the next iteration of its review, continue to engage your faculty, campus leadership, and other partners so that they are aware of and involved in any strategic decisions you make regarding your participation in the data collection for the 2014 review.

For a comprehensive take on evaluating teacher preparation programs, check out Evaluation of Teacher Preparation Programs: Purposes, Methods, and Policy Options. This report, released last month by the National Academy of Education, aims to provide clearer information and direction around evaluating educator preparation programs. You can read AACTE’s statement on that report here.

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Sarah Pinsky

Manager for State and Federal Policy, AACTE