Find and Be Found With AACTE’s New Profile Tool

Do you long to share your reams of research with the press? Are you eager to present insights from your years of practical experience in an AACTE panel? Or perhaps you’re looking for peers in your state who are researching Response to Intervention? AACTE wants to know about your areas of research and practical expertise so we can help you find others in your field, pass your information along for press inquiries, and invite you to present at AACTE events.

Log in to our Profile Manager tool and click on “Research & Practical Expertise” under “About Me” on the left sidebar to tell us what fields you’re an expert in by November 8. A search function using those fields will then be added to our Member Directory.

Any information you submit will be accessible to AACTE staff and to personnel at other AACTE member institutions who log in to AACTE’s web site. For any questions about this project, please contact Alicia Ardila-Rey at

While you’re logged in, take a minute to check out some of AACTE’s other tools:

Event Registration: Wondering whether your accounting office mailed that check to pay for your registration? Click on “My Event Orders” to see all your registration information.
Membership Directory: Met new colleagues at Washington Week but lost their cards before you could follow up? Search for them by their institution or even by parts of their names.
Learning Center: Want to share Freeman Hrabowski’s inspiring presentation from AACTE 2013 with a colleague? You can find and play it in the Learning Center.

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Aimee Hall

Marketing Manager, AACTE