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    Clarissa Garcia

    State Policy Analyst Intern

    Educator Quality Remains Top Focus of Governors

    The 41 State of the State Addresses made so far in 2017 show a continued focus by governors on education issues. Education Commission of the States (ECS) has recently updated its searchable database of trends in these speeches and issued a report summarizing the top issues spotlighted in governors’ addresses this year.

    According to the report, this year’s top education mentions have included the following:

    Updated: State Policy Maker Contact Lists

    In light of the most recent election cycle and AACTE’s commitment to having its members and state affiliates remain connected with officials in their respective states, we have updated the lists of contact information on our website for each state’s policy makers (member login required). Contacts include that of the governor, chief school officer, relevant legislature committees, and education agency staff.

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