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    Call for Proposals, Reviewers for 2019 AACTE Annual Meeting ‘Sustaining and Advancing the Profession’


    Now through May 29, AACTE is accepting session proposals for the 71st Annual Meeting, to be held in Louisville, Kentucky, February 22-24, 2019. We also invite applications by May 15 for AACTE member faculty to review proposals.

    The conference theme is “Sustaining and Advancing the Profession,” conceptualized as follows in the call for proposals:

    An educated citizenry is a fundamental tenet of a democratic society. Our nation’s capacity to build that educated citizenry begins in the PK-12 classrooms – and those PK-12 classrooms need high-quality, professionally prepared teachers. Yet teacher shortages are great and constitute a critical concern across the United States. The time has come for the educator preparation community to develop and advocate for better solutions to the teacher shortage. Productive pathways to addressing teacher recruitment and retention have largely failed to materialize or met considerable resistance from politicians and decision-makers who do not understand the historical context, knowledge, and hard work required for responding to the learning needs of all children. This is a time for us to take the lead in sustaining and advancing the profession, reaffirming the value of educators and of their collective work in a relevant and vibrant profession, and building the teaching core that is fundamental to sustaining an educated citizenry.

    Education is the motor that drives creativity, ingenuity, and innovation in society and plays a fundamental role in creating a better country and a better world. In its mission to serve all learners, education must counteract systems that produce and perpetuate inequitable educational practices and policies. This role is complicated by the growing diversity and evolving needs of the nation’s students. Schools in urban, suburban, and rural communities alike have become more ethnically and linguistically diverse and show an increase in demand for services such as adult education, online education, special education, gifted education, English as a second language, and mental health services. Even without staffing shortfalls, educators, educational leaders, and their preparation programs are challenged with equipping teachers and schools to meet these increasingly complex needs.

    Almost as varied as the student needs and school contexts is the range of models and pathways in which today’s teachers are prepared, which has created a strain on the profession as a whole. While some variation affords useful flexibility for local and individual needs, the field needs to unify around a collective vision for effectively preparing teachers who are competent in their content knowledge, multicultural and culturally responsive education, inclusion and differentiated instruction, and technology. In partnership with schools and communities, educator preparation should provide sound, research-based pedagogical practice, rooted in the belief that all children can learn, as well as reaffirm the commitment to seeing all students reach their potential regardless of their background, needs, or familial situation. The call to citizenry and leadership in our society must logically include the affirmation that all students deserve a high-quality educational experience, with a fully prepared teacher in every classroom.

    Session proposals should address this theme with a focus on one of the four strands listed below:

    • Strand 1 – Strengthening Ownership of the Profession
    • Strand 2 – Equity and Social Justice in Education
    • Strand 3 – Diversity in Educator Preparation
    • Strand 4 – Partnerships and Collaboration

    Read the full call for proposals (PDF), including suggested questions that each strand’s sessions should address. Then click here to submit a proposal, and click here to apply to review proposals.

    For questions about the 2019 Annual Meeting, contact me at mwales@aacte.org or (202) 478-4597.

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    Matthew Wales

    Senior Director, Meetings, Events, and Special Projects

    Comments (2)

    • Shannon Howrey


      This was the best professional conference I have ever attended. This was my first year at an AACTE conference. I was so impressed by the customer service, the contacts I made, the presentations I saw, the keynote speakers, and even the little things like the cookies and keychains left on the table and the coffee/snack. I will definitely be attended next year and every year after until I retire.


      • Matthew Wales


        We are so pleased to hear you had a fantastic experience with us in Baltimore for our 70th Annual Meeting. We look forward to seeing you in Louisville for the 71st Annual Meeting. And don’t forget, we would love to have you submit a proposal for consideration, or even serve as a proposal reviewer this year!


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