Learn to Use Data for Improvement in Online Course Starting July 17

    Data, data everywhere – so now what do you do? When you are awash in student test scores, survey responses, or research results, how do you determine what they mean – and what actions to take as a result?

    For a concise and engaging introduction to data sources, uses, and improvement processes, try AACTE’s online professional seminar Using Data to Improve Student Outcomes, opening July 17 for a 3-week run on the FutureLearn social-learning platform. It requires only 3 hours per week and costs nothing! (Or you may choose to upgrade your enrollment, for a fee, to participate in tests, obtain a completion certificate, and gain unlimited access to course materials in the future. A completion certificate is required if you plan to become an AACTE consultant.)

    In this course, you will explore how to apply data science to deliver better outcomes for students. Learn to identify a range of data sources, analyze the data, and present your findings, then select indicators and establish actions to continuously improve.

    Each week will focus on a different aspect of data:

    Week 1 – Improvement Science

    You will consider –

    • Different sources and types of data
    • Ways to improve student outcomes
    • Improvement processes in your own context and professional experience
    • Real-world examples of improving student outcomes

    Week 2 – Findings

    You will discuss –

    • How to present and evaluate data effectively
    • The difference between data and findings
    • The role of ethics in data handling and sharing
    • The relationship among data, findings, and actions to achieve continuous improvement

    Week 3 – Actions

    You will explore –

    • Different indicators for measuring improvement
    • How to collect sample data and select the appropriate indicator
    • How to present indicators and actions to your students

    Discover what your peers have enjoyed about this course, including “very informative” videos and articles, “clear and simple” graphics, and a “super motivating” progress bar tracking their progression through the assignments. Learners also say they appreciate the convenience of participating at their own pace, the dynamic video presentations, and the peer feedback and discussions that are the cornerstone of the FutureLearn experience.

    This course is part of a series of AACTE online seminars offered on the FutureLearn platform. In addition to the two courses introduced to date, new ones will be added later this year, and all will be offered repeatedly and in convenient sequences for those looking to take them as a complete program.

    Learn more about “Using Data to Improve Student Outcomes” in the introductory video on our registration page. We hope you’ll join us!

    Looking for a more advanced level of support for using data? Come to the AACTE Quality Support Workshop in Minneapolis August 10-12 for expert-facilitated sessions on analyzing performance assessment data, sources of evidence for program improvement, and more.

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    Kristin McCabe

    Editor, AACTE

    Comments (2)

    • Ileene Huffard


      I cannot begin till Monday. Hope that is okay. There is no way to ask a question. That is a frustration.


    • Amanda Lester


      Hi Ileene, Thank you very much for your question. You can join and access the course at any time while it is open, so joining on Monday, 7/24 will work well. I am the course mentor, and once you begin coursework, you will be able to contact me with any questions that arise. In the interim, you can reach me at: alester@aacte.org. Thanks again and I look forward to interacting further through the online seminar!


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