Teacher Prep Regulations Rescinded

    On March 27, the federal regulations for teacher preparation programs were rescinded, along with other regulations (including those for the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, regarding accountability, state plans, and data). Your advocacy and efforts over the last 6 years since this endeavor began have paid off!

    Your Title II data reporting and the state report cards are still required by law. Remember, the regulations were on top of what you were already required to do through the Higher Education Act.

    Action Alerts Follow-Up

    If you contacted your members of Congress about these regulations through the AACTE Action Alerts, we’ve made it easy for you to follow up with automated notes based on how each senator or representative voted – which should take only a couple of clicks on your part. If you have not yet sent these follow-up notes, please do so; this is an important action in building and maintaining relationships with your elected officials and their staff, and it lets them know this advocacy campaign is over. You’ll be receiving a reminder e-mail from me in the coming days.

    Next Steps

    Your state continues to implement ESSA, and you should be at the table. Twenty states will submit their state plans by April 3 (approximately – there is some leeway with the deadline), with the rest submitting September 18. It is important that you engage with your PK-12 colleagues and your state as this law is implemented, especially given that Title II of ESSA is filled with opportunities for educator preparation. At the federal level, we’ll be focused on funding for programs that support your work to prepare profession-ready educators. Be on the lookout for new Action Alerts and other advocacy opportunities!


    Visit AACTE’s Advocacy Center for resources to support the development and expansion of your advocacy skills and to learn of ways to engage at the state and federal levels. You can sign up for the AACTE Action Alerts there as well. To stay updated on what’s happening in Washington, DC, that affects educator preparation, AACTE members can attend my monthly federal update webinar. You can also watch the recorded webinars in our archives – find them on the federal page of the Advocacy Center.

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    Deborah Koolbeck

    Director of Government Relations

    Comments (4)

    • Jo Rogers


      Evidently this positive federal action was accomplished by President Trump or Betsy DeVos? Interesting you didn’t mention that; SOMEONE had to rescind! Obama put it in action; who rescinded it?


      • John Jones


        Congress rescinded it using Congressional Review Act – a simple Google search would have provided that information.


    • Susan Rutledge


      This is not a win. This is an excuse not hold teacher prep programs to higher standards and accountability. We could all do so much better. We have gutted everything that matters. The Higher Ed Act does not do enough and hasn’t for a long while. This has essentially taken 20 plus years of my work and flushed it down the toilet… Just saying!


      • James Conklin


        Have to agree with you, for a few reasons.
        1. The whole “You did it!” celebration is childish nonsense, and it’s inaccurate – advocacy had nothing to do with it; this is the result of a Congress who wanted to negate anything done by President Obama, and thinking the new administration gives a hoot what AACTE thinks is adorable.
        2. Talk to any Ed Prep provider (like I did at AACTE’s annual meeting in Tampa) and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. will tell you that current Title II reporting is a silly compliance exercise that yields little to no actionable information. By fighting against the new regulations and not offering a counterproposal, teacher education can now accurately be labeled as nothing more than obstructionist defenders of the status quo. Congrats – you just successfully defended a system that everyone hates. Take a victory lap while Congress cuts your funding.
        3. AACTE (and teacher education at-large), by publicly (and continuously) celebrating the removal of the regs through the archaic CRA, implicitly gave their approval of Congress acting unilaterally and with zero input from the field. Funny, I seem to remember the new Title II regs being criticized for exactly this reason.

        Calling this a victory is short-sighted, dangerous, and does little to advance the professionalization of teaching. We are like a kid who is failing and hates school celebrating three snow days in a row.

        I’m not arguing for “market-based solutions” or “common sense reform” – those are straw men. I’m arguing for IDEAS and for contributing to the discussion, rather than running and putting our heads in the sand whenever anyone dares question our work. Seems like, as educators, we would welcome the opportunity to educate the public on the good work we do.


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