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    AILACTE Seeks Conference Proposals on Collaboration Theme

    Now through October 15, the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE) is accepting session proposals for the 2016 AILACTE Annual Meeting and Conference to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 22-23, 2016.

    The conference theme is “Collaboration as a Cornerstone of Teacher Education.” We seek proposals—60-minute workshops and 30-minute presentations (to be coupled with similar themed presentations)—that help us deliberate on collaboration—big and small—in teacher education.

    Colleges and universities are often seen as being separated and distant from their local communities—a situation that has given rise to the negative label of the “Ivory Tower.” While this is not a completely fair characterization, it has emerged as a result of a lack of engagement. Consequently, when institutions attempt to break down these walls and develop partnerships, there may be resistance that has to be confronted, both from the community and within the institution itself.

    Proposals should address this theme with a focus on one of the three strands:
    Strand 1: Initiating Collaboration
    Strand 2: Assessing Collaboration
    Strand 3: Sustaining Collaboration

    Read the full Request for Proposals, including the questions that each strand’s session should address.

    Read the specific Proposal Guidelines.

    Proposals should be submitted electronically to info@ailacte.org by Thursday, October 15.

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