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    Call for Proposals, Reviewers for 2016 Annual Meeting: ‘Tough Questions, Tough Choices’

    Now through May 29, AACTE is accepting session proposals for the 68th Annual Meeting, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 23-25, 2016. We also invite applications by May 15 from AACTE member faculty to review proposals.

    The conference theme is “Meeting the Demands of Professional Practice: Tough Questions, Tough Choices,” conceptualized as follows in the call for proposals.

    Preparing educational professionals to serve all learners, their schools, families, and communities is both a high calling and a demanding one. Expectations for academic achievement placed on learners and schools are increasing while families and communities continue to face unprecedented economic and social challenges. More than ever, the profession of teaching places great demands on its practitioners, and preparation must match the demands of practice.

    A shared, profession-wide commitment to meeting the demands of practice is essential to the success of our enterprise. Indeed, a shared vision of professional practice must be the foundation for our shared efforts at continuous improvement and will also be essential to countering with conviction and credibility a chorus of misinformed critiques and a flurry of misguided mandates. Further, as the number and diversity of educator preparation providers has grown, there is an urgent need to forge a common narrative around the standards for professional practice.

    As a central player in a united profession, educator preparation must face tough questions, make tough choices, and do so in collaboration with all parties whose participation is essential to quality educator preparation.

    Proposals should address this theme with a focus on one of the four strands listed below:

    Strand 1 – Professionalism: Values in Action

    Strand 2 – Engagement: Hard Choices in Connecting With All Stakeholders

    Strand 3 – Programs and Practices: Making Hard Choices Through Critical Reflection, Review, and Innovation

    Strand 4 – Assessment: Hard Choices in Program Improvement

    Read the full call for proposals, including the questions that each strand’s sessions should address. Submit a proposal and apply to review proposals here.

    For questions about the 2016 Annual Meeting, contact me at mwales@aacte.org or (202) 478-4597.

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    Matthew Wales

    Senior Director, Meetings, Events, and Special Projects

    Comments (8)

    • Mary Alice Rowley


      Can you please tell me the cost of registration for the annual conference in Las Vegas next February? Thank you, in advance.


      • Christine Tambini


        Mary Alice,

        Thank you so much for you interest in our 2016 Annual Meeting. Registration fees for 2016 have not been finalized. We do not anticipate them being much different from this year which I have listed below. We plan to have the exact prices posted to aacte.org in late summer. Please continue to check the website for the most up to date information or you can email events@aacte.org with any questions.

        Early Bird: $440
        Regular: $480
        On-Site: $510

        Early Bird: $625
        Regular: $665
        On-Site: $695

        Thank you,

        Christine Tambini
        Manager, Meetings and Events


    • John Thompson


      Do presenters receive a discount on the registration fee?


    • Mary Williams


      I want to submit a proposal for the 2016 AACTE conference (due this week).
      I can’t get details on what to submit because for some reason I’m unable to create an account…
      the full call for proposals only includes strand information it does not describe WHAT has to be included in the proposal.

      can you send me that information while I wait for someone to get back to me from AACTE with account information? This probably won’t happen until Tuesday next week.

      I’d like the information about WHAT to include in my proposal.
      I appreciate any help that you can give me.


    • Lydia


      hello –
      Is there a time by which proposals should be submitted? (e.g. 5:00pm?)


    • Matthew Wales


      Hello, Lydia!

      Thank you for your inquiry. All proposals must be submitted no later than 12 midnight PST on Friday, May 29.

      Thanks again,



      • Lydia


        Thank you, Matt!


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