Draft Federal Regulations Released

    Late yesterday afternoon, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan held a press conference to announce the release of proposed federal regulations for teacher preparation programs. While the regulations are not yet open for public comment through the Federal Register, the draft language is now available on the Department of Education’s web site.

    Right now, the AACTE government relations team is reading and analyzing these draft proposed regulations. We will be producing various resources to assist members in crafting comments, and we are issuing the following press statement from Sharon Robinson at noon today:

    “The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) is currently reviewing the draft proposed regulations. Once the proposed regulations are published for public comment, AACTE urges its 800 member institutions, other educators, colleagues, partners and the public to consider and comment on the proposal.

    “In their current form, these proposed regulations have the potential to halt or even reverse the hard-won progress of current teacher preparation program reform efforts. We are deeply concerned about the proposed regulations for the approximately 25,000 teacher preparation programs across this nation.

    “These rules not only highlight the Administration’s determination to create a federal ratings system for higher education, but also could turn back the clock on innovation and reform in educator preparation—negatively affecting teacher candidates, schools and universities, the teaching profession and, ultimately, our country’s millions of PK-12 students.

    “Given the potentially wide-ranging implications, we are meticulously reviewing the details of the proposed regulations in their current form and working with our members and our partners to ascertain the effects on the field should they be implemented.”

    AACTE members will receive notice from Sharon when the regulations are officially available for public comment, as well as when AACTE resources are available on our web site.

    Should you have any questions in the meantime, please e-mail them to regs@aacte.org.

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    Deborah Koolbeck

    Director of Government Relations

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    • AJL


      These federal regulations are closely aligned to CAEP’s recent release of Building an Evidence-Based System for Teacher Preparation (http://caepnet.org/resources/building-an-evidence-based-system-for-teacher-preparation/). Both the federal recommendation and CAEP’s report read like manifestos to create teacher prep factories to run “21st Century School” factories. CAEP’s report essentially mandates at least five (likely more) nationally norm-referenced exams for teacher candidates (all linked to federal mandates) — and that’s all you need. There’s really no need for any teacher preparation as we know it. The report cites NCTQ and Kate Walsh numerous times, and appears to be modeling itself after Kate Walsh’s ill-conceived ABCTE program (abcte.org) — notice how close it is to AACTE (aacte.org). ABCTE requires only a mere 60 hours of contact with real students prior to graduation. Unfortunately, this 60 hours will probably be sufficient for 21st Century, norm-referenced-MicroPearson-soft-robo teachers. In addition to being critical of the federal regulations, maybe it’s also time for teacher preparation programs to support a vote of “No Confidence” in CAEP.


    • Bob Rose, MD (retired)


      Ms Koolbeck,

      Marilyn Jager Adams, in her important new book, ABC Foundations For Young Children, presents newly published proof that most American kids finishing first-grade still can’t name and write all of the alphabet letters.

      In personal email to me Dr Adams wrote that this impedes our education, especially for poor minority kids.

      After reading my unpublised K-1 teacher study (attached to this email as a three-page MS Word file, she asked me and my friend, Don Potter of Texas, to write amazon reviews for her book, which are at:


      You are in a position to make sure that new teachers can teach this properly, and I beg you to do so.

      And Happy Thanksgiving!


      Bob Rose, MD (retired)
      Jasper, Georgia


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