JTE Call for Manuscripts: School-Based Teacher Learning

    The editors of AACTE’s Journal of Teacher Education invite manuscripts for a special issue on school-based teacher learning. Manuscripts are due November 1, and the issue will be published next year as Volume 66, Number 4 (September/October 2015).

    Coeditors Stephanie Knight, Gwendolyn Lloyd, and Fran Arbaugh of Pennsylvania State University have issued the following call for papers with suggested research questions:

    Much of what teachers learn about teaching and learning occurs in school-based contexts. Opportunities for teacher learning occur along the professional continuum, from preservice field experiences to a multitude of opportunities for in-service teachers to engage in job-embedded learning. In addition, school-based teacher education is supported by various types of teacher educators—including, but not limited to, mentors, university supervisors, peers, instructional coaches, administrators, district-level supervisors, university faculty, and other professional development providers.

    • What characterizes effective school-based contexts for teacher learning?
    • What do teachers learn in school-based contexts?
    • What policies support or constrain school-based teacher learning?
    • What theories, concepts, and frameworks are powerful in explaining and guiding teacher learning in school contexts?
    • What are the practices of school-based teacher educators and the impacts of those practices on teacher learning?
    • What are innovative mechanisms for school-based teacher learning?
    • What strategies, tools, and frameworks should be used to assess and study school-based teacher learning?
    • What are the critical knowledge, skills, and dispositions that school-based teacher educators should possess?
    • How should school-based teacher educators who are responsible for guiding and supporting teacher learning be prepared for this important role?
    • What can be learned from the history of school-based teacher learning?

    For this issue, we invite a wide variety of research and conceptual articles related to school-based teacher learning.

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