edTPA @ AACTE’s Annual Meeting: A Recap

    Did you attend the edTPA-related sessions at AACTE’s Annual Meeting this year? If not, here’s a taste of what you missed! Click here to view a list of the descriptions and presenters for the various sessions that provided attendees the opportunity to converse with other users of edTPA.

    A highlight of the conference was the edTPA breakfast hosted by SCALE, which drew more than 200 attendees. In her opening remarks, AACTE President/CEO Sharon P. Robinson championed edTPA, emphasizing that it was developed by and for the people in the room. She also encouraged audience members to advocate for edTPA in their communities. Afterward, Ray Pecheone, SCALE’s executive director, described in detail the developmental process of edTPA. He explained topics such as standard setting and state policy and announced that SCALE would conduct validity and consequential studies in the weeks ahead. Finally, attendees engaged in a question and answer session with Andrea Whittaker, SCALE’s director of teacher performance assessment, and other representatives.

    During the conference’s Welcoming Session, Robinson announced the Association’s new Innovation Exchange, which includes an initiative already under way to develop an edTPA National Academy of Consultants. Click here for more information about the academy.

    One particularly insightful session featured East Carolina University’s presentation, “Developing and Implementing Policies and Procedures for Local Evaluation of edTPA,”in which Diana Lys and Ellen Dobson spoke at length about their implementation strategy. By infusing technology into their programming, they have created a successful multilayered local evaluation process.

    Some 500 educator preparation providers in 33 states and the District of Columbia are actively participating in edTPA. The edTPA project management staff have initiated an effort to upgrade the edTPA web site to include an interactive policy map, revised FAQs, new webinars, and user guides.

    For more information about the Annual Meeting and edTPA, please contact me or visit http://edtpa.aacte.org.

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    Omar Davis

    Manager of Member Engagement, AACTE

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    • Barbara Regenspan


      Dear Omar: When did this complete collusion between AACTE and EdTPA happen? I have been involved in the work of social justice focused teacher education for much of my adult life and have never before experienced such denial on the part of our professional organizations about the reality that public education is being systematically eviscerated in this country. Public schools in my area are right now cutting classroom teachers and especially art teachers, while surviving staff are being asked to jump through demoralizing hoops. Teachers are being forced to teach a scripted curriculum right down the road from us. How can AACTE behave as though there were not significant and principled opposition to conformity with the same neoliberal policies that drive the defunding of public education? I had to miss the annual meeting of AACTE this year as it conflicted with NYSFEA, the NYS feeder organization to AESA, but I’d like to participate next year and collaborate with colleagues in the organization who share my general critique. Please reach out to me at bregenspan@colgate.edu if you are interested in working together to re-envision what teacher educators need to be doing at this time. Thanks. Sincerely, Barbara Regenspan


      • Omar


        We plan to host at least one session with open dialogue at the next annual meeting. If you have an idea for a proposal, our submission system is open. We welcome your support in developing a list of topics for proposal reviewers.


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