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AACTE to Serve as National Partner in New Network for Transforming Educator Preparation

On October 23, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) announced the creation of the Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP) to implement recommendations from Our Responsibility, Our Promise: CCSSO Task Force Report on Transforming Educator Preparation and Entry into the Profession. AACTE is pleased to be one of 17 partner organizations that will support this important work alongside CCSSO and the seven states participating in NTEP.

“AACTE is proud to work with CCSSO, national partners and the stakeholders in the seven pilot states to support the NTEP initiative,” said AACTE President/CEO Sharon P. Robinson. “This important work reflects the professional and advocacy priorities of AACTE members and state chapters. It will serve an integral role to complement the reform efforts already under way by the profession, including the movement toward performance-based assessments such as edTPA, which is now in use by more than 480 institutions of higher education in 33 states and the District of Columbia, and the commitment to enhance the quality and duration of clinical experiences. AACTE looks forward to supporting our member institutions and state chapters in and outside of the pilot states as they continue to develop and participate in these types of efforts to strengthen educator preparation.”

Read AACTE’s official press statement.

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  • Nancy Lauter


    My teacher education colleagues and I have been meeting to try and think about how to ‘push back’ the wave of teacher education bashing that has arrived. It was expected, but remains unwarranted, just like the NY Times article by Bill Keller. Not all teacher education programs are ‘mediocre. Who is leading the advocacy campaign to salvage some of the independent integrity of teacher education programs. Are we destined to follow the lead of Pearson, wealthy conservatives, and private organizations? Will we merely bend to each new demand? Enough! Let’s develop an advocacy plan and get our vision out the the public. I am not sure we can wait for a thoughtful. collaborative report. What is AACTE’s role in advocating for what we do everyday?


  • Mary Harrill


    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. AACTE is deeply engaged in a pro-active agenda to spread the word about the transformation and innovations underway and our vision for the future of educator preparation. We do this in many ways, such as – through our advocacy agenda where we have worked with Congressional offices to develop legislation that supports educator preparation programs; through our engagement with the field in developing and implementing a nationally available valid and reliable teacher performance assessment; through projects like NTEP and through supporting our state chapters in their advocacy efforts. We are happy to connect with you about ways in which our voice and our vision can be amplified in the dialogue.


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